WDesign Fashions

This fashion design was launched on January 22 2010. It was began by Wayne Hwang who is a Stanford alumnus who is the designer and a previous DKNY model together with the business partner Thom Scher who is an event producer. This combination of skills has led to the success of the Wdesign fashions. They launched collections like Water collection in 2009 Charity Fashion Show, Venus collection in 2010 Charity Fashion Show. Their collection is defined by metallic colors, high collars and wing dresses. Their philosophy or what inspires them is rediscovering the glamour of feminine beauty.

Wayne Hwang is a person who loves being in the fashion industry. He began modelling when he was 16 years old as a DKNY model. In his life of modelling, he began being interested in the behind the scenes work. He realized without them all that could not happen. He loved their innovations, persistence and bravery when doing this line of work. Before he knew it, he joined this world, which he never regret doing.

The partners met through mutual friends when they were working for Stanford’s Charity Fashion Show. They began from the Charity fashion show to presence at industry events. Their fashion line was a success and it attracted people like the Stanford Daily, San Jose Mercury news and others. WDesign began as an artistic expression and before they knew it they had debut their first haute couture collection.

WDesign as its philosophy state is meant to focus on the couture and reinvent to one that many could appreciate the feminine beauty which is more than just an object. They have some ideas and elements from the dramatic couture. It is all about what a woman and what she stands for. It is also about building up on their self-confidence to face the world.

It got the best platform in Sans Francisco as Wayne Hwang puts it, it is more of art focused different from many other states. This gave them an opportunity to express themselves artistically in the world. The partners have divided their duty according to what they are good at. Wayne works on designing the collection while Thom works on guest list development, venue logistics, after party logistics, model casting, artistic development, press relation. This helps their fashion show be the best production.

Wayne Hwang when asked about what makes one gain exposure, he said that formal training was very important, there need to be skills and professionalism incorporated in your work. He also talk about obtaining the legitimate press, they are important too, they share your work of art with the rest of the world. They are what makes your fashion line be popular. As usual networking is very important because you may get help from your networks. This applies to every business, you need to have capital that can sustain your collection. It is not easy getting all this at a go, you need to be patient and persistent.

Their design is meant to grow and be widespread, there is more to expect in the charity Fashion shows and other fashion shows. They guarantee to expand their work.