About WDesigns

It is about rediscovering beauty.

Today, fashion comes in thousands of forms, but at WDesigns, it all comes down to one thing: rediscovering the glamour of feminine beauty. WDesigns focuses on innovative collections that all come through a lens of allure. The exquisiteness of a look, the grace of a full length gown, the magnetism of a corset–WDesigns is about tracking down those things that make you beautiful.

A fashion house based in the artistic Bay Area of California, WDesigns is inspired by the mosaic of styles that make up San Francisco, and the breadth of styles that have inspired the globe for centuries. The creative mind behind the clothing, Wayne Hwang, is an award-nominated designer and stylist who is simply addicted to the beauty of soft femininity, and the delicacy of charm.

Discover WDesigns. Rediscover Beauty.