Wayne Hwang, Doctor and Designer

Wayne Hwang, biological sciences graduate from Stanford University, is cofounder and director of Visual Designs. Hwang has a background in the medical field as well as in designing.
He asked his mother for his first model of a human skeleton to learn about anatomy at five years old. Growing up he always took advanced science classes, and did volunteering and interning at local hospitals. For side projects Hwang did things that helped his creative side: piano, photography, painting, sculpture, and jewelry design.

He got his start in modeling doing model work for DKNY. When his career was new Hwang started his own company, WDesigns. He also turned Stanford University’s annual fashion show into the biggest annual fashion show on the west coast. The show is also a fundraiser.
W Designs was more of a hobby at first, focusing mainly on jewelry and costume designing at first. They did a little with swimwear as well. Following Charity Fashion Show in 2009, they became something big.
In 2010, WDesigns came out with the Venus line. This was Hwang’s first solo runway collection. It was presented at Roe Restaurant and Nightclub. This collection featured 25 new looks, mostly ready-to-wear but a few couture elements were present. Metallic shades of silver, red, and blue were prominent in his Venus line.
After a few years Mr. Hwang sold his company and moved to NY. There he started doing research work for doctors of Brooklyn. Hwang then founded Ignite, a company which enables him to use his design skills helping healthcare professionals.
Ignite is a branding agency that designs logos for healthcare brands. After three years, investors started investing in Ignite, and it has since grown tremendously. Dr. Hwang manages and directs everything about visual design related to client’s requests. His official job title at his company is CoFounder and Director of Visual Design at Ignite Brand Group.